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Xcellent was founded in 2001. The company specialized in industrial design and manufacturing, offered professional services and high quality products to various international brands. In 2014, the company officially established its own brand: Xcellent Design and launched series of innovative LED lightings and ergonomics chairs. The branding journey of Xcellent Design thus began.

Xcellent Design is a design driven brand manufacturer. We collect the senses of creative, innovative, aesthetics and lifestyle to generate the better products, the proper service and meaningful value about function, material and scenario. The humanistic oriented thinking, style-led aesthetic experience is our core thinking for each design. In between of technology and human, we desire to make the better.

Xcellent Design pursues three design principles to 1) meet the demand of contemporary life, it must be comfortable and practical, dynamically reflect to the present life and individual style. 2) offer a great experience, we integrate the advanced technology, the classic traditional craftsmanship and the eco-thinking of future to create a beautiful and comfortable using experience. 3) inherit our culture, through our design to present oriental aesthetics, to modernized the traditional spirit and retrieve the emotional connection between people.

Xcellent (艾舍人)成立于2001年,以工业设计与生产能力为核心为多家国际品牌提供专业的服务与高品质的产品。2014年正式以Xcellent Design (艾舍人设计)发表一系列的灯饰与家具开启品牌之路。Xcellent Design 以特殊的光学导光技术发展“没有灯泡的灯”,隐藏的LED环保光源与精良的电气组合,减去更换耗材的麻烦,极简的结构逻辑减少用材,给地球友善的力量。在灯光的照明功能之外,更注入人文思维与中庸美学,光承载着我们成长的印记、世代传承的文化与哲学,探索美好的生活体验,Xcellent的光不只是照明工具,更是你我生活中安静与温柔的陪伴。

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