Seed Design




As of May 2016, Studio FH has become a partner for Seed Design in Shanghai, PRC

SEEDDESIGN has been engaged in lighting design ever since 1991. It is a name after Simplicity, Elegance, Eternity and Delight. The simplicity embraces a sophistication of thought and workmanship. Without unnecessary extra feature & busy decorations, its reduced sculptural approach plays on classic and postmodern design iconography. As far as user scenario is concerned, SEEDDESIGN products always package with exclusive devices to enable users to cleverly interact with lightings. Thanks to extraordinary craftsmen and our solid mechanical engineers, SEEDDESIGN creates intriguing and practical illuminations that go well in either residential or commercial spaces. Every artistic piece is made by passion, and carried out from strict criteria. SEEDDESIGN aspires to light up joys in life and desires to challenge users’ perceptions toward texture and lighting

源自 1991 年,一位青年對燈光的想像與創作 的熱情。簡單細緻的美,不容多餘線條或綴 飾,來擾亂光與影的層次交迭;恰到好處的 俐落,優雅地於空間中展現獨特而不譁眾的姿 態。對於「燈」,我們不僅想創造視覺上的美 感,更希望挑戰既有的認知,持續創新材質與 結構上的運用,熱絡人與燈之間的互動關係。


Seed Design Introduction