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Line Magnetic Audio is a brand of High end products founded in 2005. Now it has become well known with its series reproduction of music and regarded as a forerunner in presenting innovative products with cutting edge technology and lasting intrinsic value.     Tube electronics, CD players, Classic horns, Classis field coil speakers, DACs, a lot of different series of products we are working on not only Classis electronics but also new technology on dacs and CD players.

Within Line Magnetic Audio there is a continuous resolve to uphold their philosophies to the very best of our ability to develop the very best product and give the highest service  to all music lovers worldwide. Line Magnetic team not just devotes to the Line Magnetic products, but also to all various aspects related to Line Magnetic brand. As a result Line Magnetic will give you excellent designs,highest quality manufacturing and a first-class sales and after-sales network. We are proud that skilled and experienced distributors and dealers from all over the world start to recognize the potential of the Line Magnetic brand for them selves and their clients. We all hope to be able to serve you the maximum possibility.

To us this is not just a job but a way of life. We are hoping to enjoy the musical life with all of you and have a great journey in the most natural and enjoyable music world


  • LM-518 in black delivered to a customre's home
  • LM-211IA Integrated Amp EL34 (Silver)
  • LM-216IA Integrated Amp- KT88 (Silver / Black
  • LM218- Mini Amp + Headphone Amp on display
  • LM218- Mini Amp + Headphone Amp (side view)
  • LM-211IA Integrated Amp EL34 on display
  • LM218- Mini Amp + Headphone Amp
  • LM 518IA Hi-End Integrated Amplifier
  • LM-215 CD player
  • LM 502CA DAC
  • LM-503 Mono Block Power Amp