AYTM designs luxury home interior and small furniture in timeless designs. AYTM approaches the concept of Nordic design in a sophisticated and elegant manner with focus on high quality and exquisite details. In spite of their simple idiom, the products are eye-catching and impactful.The AYTM collection includes very decorative items as well as more functional home interiors. It has all been created with focus on contrasts of materials and surfaces, but in a beautifully balanced and soft colour palette.

In the short time AYTM has been out in the world as a modern, elegant, Danish design brand, we have already been on the fast-track to establishing us as a name in the interior design industry. As you come with us on our journey, we hope you will feel like you know AYTM a little better, but still feel curious enough to continue with us in the years to come.

AYTM是2015创立于丹麦的家居设计品牌,专注于经典的奢华家居内装和小家具设计。AYTM系列包括装饰性的产品,和更具有功能性的室内家具设计。AYTM沿袭北欧传统极简设计的理念,秉承低调奢华、精致而优雅的风格,关注高品质,注重细节。自品牌建立,我们重点关注设计外观和用料的对比,注重平衡美感。 我们致力于为热衷于独特个人风格和家装设计的群体,带来全新视角的奢华的丹麦设计。AYTM在家具行业里迅速成长,如今你可以在世界各地找到AYTM的身影啦!

  • AYTM-DK Globe Vase

AYTM-DK Spring- Summer 2020