Fine Lumens (New)

Fine Lumens is founded in 2015, a lighting brand which collaborate with exciting independent designers to create decorative lighting solution for both home and commercial environment, it is also a mission for Fine Lumens to produce products that are simple, innovative, beautiful and well crafted.  Lumens is committed to customized production, which allow pieces to meet client’s needs

The Lumi Collection featured at Design SH 2018 is a simple, elegant and expandable lighting system. Constructed with colored mouth blown glass and precisely die cast metal parts with various nishes* , its metal stems system that allows the basic unit to expand and transform into a table lamp, floor lamp or various chandelier options.  A carefully selected colour tone for the glass shade and temperature of LED results in a warm and cozy glow that in both residential and commercial environments.

Metal: Brass Copper  Glass: Smoke / Amber / Pink