Retro yet Stylish…

This all-in-one player smoothly integrates Hi-Fi sound with convenience and tone quality. More than just a turntable, Seed has a built-in three-point suspension vibration system, enabling the cartridge to play stably and provide the original, true sound of whatever music style you choose. Seed features an all-in-one built-in design, integrating the functions of player, power amplifier, and loudspeaker plus more, and produces clean and full sound, providing a compact design with high-quality music experience without complications


  • Hym Seed on display at SFH
  • Hym Seed- Beyond Edition (New) Black
  • Hym Seed - Walnut Colour (new)

今年5月,HYM-Seed上线美国最大众筹平台Kickstarter并在台北举办了首场发布会,其中Kickstarter上线1小时,被官方入选【the project we love】榜单,上线一周后荣登Kickstarter首页, 最终完成率接近1000%。HYM-Seed自海内外上线后得到了多达200家以上的媒体瞩目与报道,其中包括Forbes、Nasdaq、Vinyl Factory等行业媒体、Unbox therapy等科技媒体的测评、以及数十位行业领袖的力挺